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Spanish Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics

SpaRCIM is the Spanish Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. It is the Spanish representative in ERCIM, the European Research Consortium for Informatics and Mathematics. SpaRCIM is sponsored by the Spanish Ministry for Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO).

Spain joined ERCIM in 1993 through AEDIMA, the first "consortium type" member of ERCIM. In 2003, after a foundational meeting, participation continued through SpaRCIM, a more focused consortium aimed at representing Spanish computer science research in ERCIM. In 2004 SpaRCIM organized the ERCIM Fall meetings.

ERCIM/SpaRCIM Fellowships New

SpaRCIM cofunds, through the EU-COFUND ABCDE grant and the Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness (MINECO) SpaRCIM complementary action, together with the SpaRCIM member institutions in Spain, the ERCIM Alain Bensoussan Fellowship Programme.

Researchers interested in a fellowship at SpaRCIM institutions should apply at the ERCIM central pages, selecting SpaRCIM as the host institute.

Other post-doc and graduate scholarship programs (in ERCIM-related areas) in Spain include:


The mission of SpaRCIM is the promotion and coordination of Spanish research groups in order to face the challenges raised by current and future problems in computer science and applied mathematics. Within these areas, SpaRCIM aims at promoting high-quality research through multiple activities on the European scene, and in particular within ERCIM, such as participating in working groups, setting-up joint projects, granting awards, disseminating results to a broad audience (including the research community, industry, and the public in general), or co-funding fellowships under the ERCIM Alain Bensoussan programme (see below).


The main research areas of SpaRCIM are centered around:

The ERCIM pages contain more information on the particular areas in which SpaRCIM is active within ERCIM.


SpaRCIM's decentralized organization is currently spread over six universities and two research institutes (from the Spanish Research Council, CSIC, and the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies, IMDEA):

Institution Contact point
Artificial Intelligence Research Institute - CSIC (IIIA / CSIC) Ramón López de Mántaras
CITIC - University of Granada (CITIC / UGR) Alberto Prieto
IMDEA Software Institute Manuel Hermenegildo
Rey Juan Carlos University (URJC) Esperanza Marcos
Technical University of Catalunya (UPC) Fco. Javier Larrosa
Technical University of Madrid (UPM) Manuel Carro
Technical University of Valencia (UPV) María Alpuente
University of Malaga (UMA) Ernesto Pimentel


SpaRCIM groups around 500 scientists including over 200 doctoral students and 40 postdocs and engineers.


Director Secretary
Manuel Hermenegildo
IMDEA Software Institute
Facultad de Informática
Campus Montegancedo, U. Pol. de Madrid (UPM)
28660. Boadilla del Monte-Madrid. Spain

Esperanza Marcos
Rey Juan Carlos University
c/ Tulipán s/n.
28933. Móstoles
Madrid. Spain
Tel: +34-91-101-2202
Fax: +34-91-101-1358
Tel: +34-91-664-74-91
Fax: +34-91-664-74-90
Executive Commitee Member and
ABCDE Strategy Representative
Newsletter Editor
Pedro Merino Gómez
Languages and Computer Science Dpt.
School of Informátics
University of Malaga
29071 Málaga. Spain

Silvia Abrahao
Computer and Informatics Systems
Technical University of Valencia
Camino de Vera s/n
E-46022 Valencia. Spain
Tel: +34-952-13-1396
Fax: +34-952-13-1397
Tel: +34-96-387-7007 [ext. 83516]
Fax: +34-96-387-7359
Mobility and ABCDE Program Selection
Committee Representative
European Liaison Officer
Francisco Javier Larrosa Bondia
Department of Languages and Systems
Technical University of Catalonia
Campus Diagonal Nord. Edificio Omega
C. Jordi Girona, 29. 08034 Barcelona
Ramón López de Mántaras
IIIA - Artificial Intelligence Research Institute
CSIC - Spanish Research Council
Autonomous University of Barcelona
08193 Bellaterra. Catalonia. Spain

Tel: +34-93-413-7839
Fax: +34-93-413-7833
Tel: +34-93-580-9570
Fax: +34-93-580-9661


SpaRCIM headquarters are currently
located in Madrid, at:

Instituto IMDEA Software
Campus Montegancedo UPM
28223 Pozuelo de Alarcon, Madrid

Tel: +34-91-101-2202
Fax: +34-91-101-1358